Friday, 21 July 2023

Is this a black operation?

 I thought it was an Agatha Christie novel that vividly displayed a sensational video showing the romantic rendezvous in intimate ambience of two Workers' Party senior party lovebirds Leon Perera  and Nicole Seah which obviously brought them to the disastrious termination of their career. That this happened at the same time that a confounded PM Lee Hsien Loong was desperately grabbling with the extra-marital scandal of Tan Chuan Jin an Cheng Li Hui could not really be a co-incidence?

No one, who is not politically connected with the the State apparatus or some foreign clandestine espionage agencies, can have the resources and expertise to carry out rccklessly these clandestine acitivities of character assasination undertaking. The objective of the clandestine video is intended to cause an earthquake  in WP and true enough they are now burdened with the enormous task of damage control.

Aside from ISD and foreign clandestine espionage organisation no other indivdual or outfit can have the resources and expertise to carry out such black operation. ISD could not be daft enough to have carried out this operation with or without higher orders.This is definitely a black operation and a clandestine individual or outfit other than ISD had carried out this operation in Singapore is something that ISD need to look deeply into to prevent any disreputable backlash to the ISD in partiicular and the PAP government in general. Asia One and one Edmund Chua had been mentioned  but nothing conclusive. Home Minister K. Shanmugam swore that he had nothing to do with it and there is no reason to disbelieve him.

The operator was able to know the date, time and venue of the romantic rencontre shows the sophistication of the operator. The Russians were running circles round the British in Singapore  after the war. Who are running circles  round the ISD should be something the ISD cannot afford to overlook for  its redoubtable identity and something they want to know if they do not already. It will be the most grotesque scenario if either the free-and-easy PM Lee Hsien Loong or his successor gets screwed up by the clandestine operators assuming that they are foreigners. Singapore is really like a hollywood style metropolis.


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